Chufas for Food Plots

Chufas are a warm season bunch grass with a peanut like underground nut - used for food plots of deer, turkey, ducks and wild hogs.
Chufa is especially appealing to turkey and thus one of the most popular plantings for turkey food plots.
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Food Plot - Chufas - Wild Turkeys
Food Plot - Chufas - Tigernuts

Recommended Planting For Chufa Seed Food Plots

  • Rate: 50 lbs. per acre; Small Food Plots: 2-3 lbs per 1000 sq. ft. Plant in well prepared seedbed.
  • Depth: of 1¼ - 2 inches.
  • Plot size: At least 1/4 acre for best results. Maturity takes 100-125 days after emergence.
  • Date: April - August (depending on your location)
  • Soil: Grows best alone in well-drained to moderately drained sandy or loam soils. Do not plant in clay soils.

The Benefits of Planting Chufa Food Plots

  • Easy to Grow and establish for food plots
  • Produces an abundance of underground, peanut-like tubers
  • Turkeys, Deer and Ducks can't resist uncovering and eating Chufa tubers.
Food Plot - Chufas - Deer
Valencia, Spain

Directly from the producer

Chufa Food plots directly from Valencia, Spain.

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